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What Our Customers Are Saying

My experience with Creative Home Investments is by far the best that I have had with a (real estate) agency.  Kenneth was exceedingly patient and understanding...He maintained our agreement and actively worked with me to resolve any complications and was always available to contact.  Most importantly, he genuinely wanted everything to work out and was patient beyond what most companies would be.  All interactions were personal and indicated how much they value their (clients).  Overall, Creative Home Investments went above and beyond all my expectations and I couldn't be happier with my decision to (work) with them.
Amber Brough
Evansville, IN

I (we) am (are) pleased (in working) with Kenneth Lutz. (He is) very polite...(in) coaching and trying to comfort us on our (house) problems.  He is very considerate (in the fact that) we are deaf.  (We) have to write (notes) to each other.  We always welcome him to visit us to check up...with the house.  He is easy to (work) with and (is) happy to help us.

Michael Carson
Orlando, FL

Dear Kenneth,

I wanted to thank you both for a very smooth transaction on Brookebridge Drive, Orlando.  There are often many complexities in a real estate transaction and the way that your company handled this transaction was a fine example of team work.  I have worked in the real estate industry for the past 22 years and I compliment you on your can do attitude and professionalism...(and) I look forward to working with you again.

Jaqueline Pray, Broker
Orlando, FL

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter of recommendation is directed to all those people who are currently in financial uncertainty.  My wife and I had experienced a radical drop in our income during the last 2 years and found ourselves having to file for bankruptcy and selling our house to avoid foreclosure.  After an exhausting search, we ran across Creative Home Investments and met with Kenneth and (his associate).  Much to my surprise, they were very helpful and reassuring when after having many disappointing introductions to the sharks that infest the real estate market.  Ken(neth) was upfront and was genuine in his interest to help us in our situation.  We were able to avoid foreclosure and got the money we needed to relocate our family without the embarrassment of being evicted in front of our nieghbors.

....We were able to start over fresh with the money we received (from Creative Home Investments).  We are happy to invite anyone who is in a similar situation to consider Creative Home Investments if you need a way out of a bad situation.  There are good people out there, but they are hard to find.  We are very pleased to have met Ken(neth) and his associate.

Norm and Lisa Schroth
Longwood, FL

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that I have done business with Kenneth Lutz (and his company).  He was extremely cooperative and helpful in every way with the sale...of my home.

If I know of anyone looking to purchase or sell a home, I will be more than happy to refer them to him (and his company).

I have been completely satisfied with my dealings with Mr. Lutz (and his company).

Best Regards,
Thomas Dioguardo
Poinciana, FL

Kenneth, This is my testimonial Statement...

Thanks to Creative Home Investments and their unique...transaction strategies.  I was able to be rescued from being over $12,000.00 behind in payments and taxes on over $750,000.00 in local residential properties!  The steps were explained clearly in advance and I felt comfortable with the whole process!
Tracy Foster
Orlando, FL

Dear Kenneth:

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the smooth transaction we just had on the property located at 230 Prescott Dr(ive).  I appreciated your understanding and reliability during the entire process.  I will definitely give you a positive recommendation in the future and look forward to working with you again.

Fraser MacKinlay
Winter Park, FL

Kenneth, we are writing to express our sincere appreciation for the...buying our home.  You listened carefully to our concerns and where we were financially.  Kenneth and...Theresa could sense a genuine concern about our need in making a transition to a rental property.  They have a kind way of communicating about areas that we needed to hear about...the pros and cons at owning and renting.  They both were glad for us as well to start a new journey in life.

Leonard and I (Karen) met Kenneth and...Theresa about two years ago through an advertisement of Kenneth's buying houses (that they buy houses).  Kenneth was always willing to visit us at any convenient time that was fitting for our schedule.  Leonard said "Kenneth was amazingly helpful in explaining to him all the finances it would involve (to sell the house via any traditional method involving a Realtor)."  Also during this time-frame in knowing these folks, they felt like folks we'd known as long-time friends or something.

We can't express enough of the trust we have in them.  For example, there was a house we found and loved that turned out to be a scam. (They were scammed by an unscrupulous person off of Craigslist into giving them a deposit on a house that this person did not own).  I let Kenneth know of this.  He (Kenneth) felt for us and took time to encourage us both (about) how material things came and go, and how we are all only here as a temporal place and that Heaven and eternity awaits for us.  How many people (do you know who) would take time to care and use encouraging words?  In our family's words, they were "Angels of Light."
Leonard and Karen Lopez
Evansville, IN

Without any doubt this is a very professional, (and) very trustful business.  In my business with them, everything went smoothly from the beginning to the present day.  (They are) very dependable to do what they say they will (do).  I look forward to doing business with Creative Home (Investments) in the future.  (I'm a) retired insurance agency owner and business manager.
Jerry Lannan
Evansville, IN

Kenneth Lutz and the Creative Home Investment(s) team went above and beyond to help me with the sale of my home.  Thanx(ks) Ken(neth).
Joseph Cook
Evansville, IN


Thank you for your service in buying our home. We had some doubts about how the process would go and whether we would ever see the money initially agreed upon. If we have anyone we know in a similar situation, we will b e sure to recommend you. Thanks again!
Charles and Linda Wieben
Clermont, FL

After the September 11, (2001) incident, my (our) part time small business was not doing well and I (we) began having financial difficulties to the point that my (our) home mortgage was in serious jeopardy. I (we) filed for Chapter 7 (bankruptcy) to help me (us) get rid of my (our) unsecured debts. It helped a little, but (we) still needed to sell my (our) home to avoid foreclosure. I (we) contacted a few Realtors, but none delivered and I (we) was (were) back to square one. I (we) recived a phone (call) from (Creative Home Investments) who offered me (us) a solution out (of) my (our) difficult situation. After thinking about it for several days, I (we) decided to try it even though I (we) was (were) still skeptical. (It) did not take long before my (our) worries and doubts disappeared. (Creative Home Investments) were able to come up with a buyer and successfully sold my (our) home using creative real estate selling technique(s). Their knowledge and professionalism is a big plus to the Real Estate Industry, and I (we) will not hesitate to recommend these...bright individuals to anyone having trouble selling their home or having real estate problems.
Danilo and Maria Williams
Orlando, FL

Dear Ken(neth),

I just want to express my gratitude for your (Creative Home Investments, Inc.) honesty and efforts made (extended) in my decision on (concerning) my property and moving (helping me get into another home).
James Fisher
Kissimmee, FL

Just a short note to thank you for taking the time to help me with the sale of my condominium. You have been up front and honest with me, as I have been with you, and I feel we both (benefit) from the agreement we entered into. I would recommend your company and it's services to anyone who may need special assistance in solving any real estate problems.
John Proper
Deltona, FL

Creative Home Investments, Inc. had taken over my mortgage bringing my home out of foreclosure. The experience I had with this company was fantastic. I appreciated the work the company had done for me and my home.
Robyn Disbrow
Orlando, FL

Dear Ken(neth),

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the process of selling my house so much easier than it would've been if I had gone through traditional channels. It was so nice to have everything complete quickly, leaving me to focus on moving and settling into my new home rather than worrying about closings, paperwork, and hassles. I've already recommended your services (Creative Home Investments) to several people.

Have a wonderful holiday season
Carolyn Tremblay
Kissimmee, FL

It is with great pleasure that I recommend your service. My situation involved a house I purchased as an investment with a partner. This house appraised for $380,000 and was located in Windermere, Florida. Unfortunately, my partner passed away while we were making some additions to the property and I was left without the know-how and necessary capital to complete those additions. Since new houses were being constructed in the area, it made it very difficult for me to sell the house without taking a major loss on it. Buyers in that area could purchase a brand new house instead of our "like new" house for about the same price. I simply did not see how I was going to move on from this house. Your real estate investment company (Creative Home Investments) was not the first one I called. The others made offers to help me, but your solution far exceeded what the others were willing to do. When I frst saw your ad and decided to give you a call, I thought you would probably offer me a very unreasonable low-ball price for the house. However, quite to the contrary, I was pleased to realize that you would buy the house for considerably more than I expected. I do not understand exactly what you do with houses after you buy them or how you profit from the purchase, but I can say that you treated me fairly. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Clarke Lange
Windermere, FL

We want to thank you (Creative Home Investments) for saving us from going into foreclosure. Because of the work you did, it helped us save our credit and avoid the embarrassment of losing our home. Thank you again, and God Bless you.
Zoila Marte
Celebration, FL

We just wanted to drop you (Creative Home Investments) a line and thank you again for the manner in which you have taken our house off our hands, and the timely manner in which your payments have been made to us. We are in the process of pre-qualifying for a new mortgage...Thanks again for everything, and we hope to hear from you soon.
Charles and Tammy Dolson IV
Clermont, FL

Creative Home Investments helped us tremendously in two short weeks! They (the representatives) came to us, listened to our situation, and made a proposal we could not resist...Well, it (our property) was sold (to them) in 2 weeks and we are so thankful for their professionalism and their sensitivity. May God Bless them and their business.
Harold and Sandra Squires
Eustis, FL

I just want to take the time to thank you for all your help in my particular situation. I know that there was limited time and the situation was not the ideal situation, but you were able to help me in my time of need and resolve things as quickly as possible and give me "peace of mind." I really appreciate all that you and your company (Creative Home Investments) have done for me, and (I) will definitely refer anyone that I know (who) would benefit from the services your company provides. Again, many thanks to you, (and) it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Lourdes Hodge
Kissimmee, FL

We would like to take out the time to say "thanks" for taking the load off our back(s) due to the hardship that we have been going through...(Thanks) for being honest with us (and) for putting cash in our pocket(s)...We highly recommend you (Creative Home Investments) to others."
Robert and Bess Venditti
Kissimmee, FL

We thank God for Creative Home Investments. When we were down and had some problems, (and) didn't know what we were going to do, (and) were on the verge of losing our home, (we) tried other companies, but they could not come through. Our time was short and pressure was building, then we held our head(s) up, saw (their) sign posted up with their phone number on it, so we decided to give them a call. Our home that we spent years in was slipping away, (and) the weight was getting heavier. We needed help fast. We needed a solution! We called and Creative Home Investments met with us the very next day! They (the representatives) were polite, pleasant, (and) what they said they would do, they did it, and right away! Thanks, (and) may God Bless you as you bless others.
Alexander and Marsha Trapp
Orlando, FL

To Whom it May Concern:

I would fully recommend Kenneth Lutz and Creative Home Investments for buying your house. I was one day from going into foreclosure and Kenneth took care of everything. Their methods are and results are effective and fantastic.


Jeff Fellows
Jeff Fellows
Kissimmee, FL

Creative Home Investments helped us keep from foreclosure on our home. They are very professional.
Delmer and Mary (Carolyn) Loflin
Lake City, FL

I want to thank you for your assistance on our house. If not for your company (Creative Home Investments) we would have not made this move happen. So, again we thank you very much!
Jerry and Diana Cline
Bowlingreen, KY

My purpose for writing is to tell you how happy I am with ALL your help...I am extremely happy about selling it using Creative Home Investments...(I've) always been very comfortable doing business with you. You are VERY honest, dependable, and FAIR. Because you are very straight-forward and HONORABLE, you are very RARE in the legitimate real estate business. You should use your character traits in your advertising because no one else in LEGITIMATE real estate has them...I'll always remember (and indeed always benefit from) the major positive impact you have had upon my life. I consider you to be (a) good friend of mine.
Neil Cameron
Atlanta, GA

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